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Twinkie Diet

This might be the worst diet program to ever surface, but according to Mark Haub, it causes weightloos. Mark Haub is a Human Nutrition professor at Kansas State and as you might think, he ate very healthy. Whole wheat bread, fruits, nuts, etc. However, after noticing that he was stuck at 200lbs he ¬†wondered if […]

Happy Meals Banned in San Francisco

Recently, San Francisco legislators launched a ban on 600+ calorie meals that come with free toys. Essentially, they banned McDonald’s Happy Meals. Normally I would be more on the side of people becoming educated & making their own decisions instead of relying on government bans to make their choices. However, in this case, I think […]

14 Nutrient Packed Super Foods

Beans Blueberries Broccoli Oats Oranges Pumpkin Salmon Soy Spinach Tea (green or black) Tomatoes Turkey Walnuts Yogurt Read more  at WebMd