Happy Meals Banned in San Francisco

Recently, San Francisco legislators launched a ban on 600+ calorie meals that come with free toys. Essentially, they banned McDonald’s Happy Meals. Normally I would be more on the side of people becoming educated & making their own decisions instead of relying on government bans to make their choices. However, in this case, I think people who are under 18 need special protections in place to keep companies from marketing terribly unhealthy products to them when they are incapable of making an informed decision themselves. In a perfect world parents should be responsible for protecting their kids, however, most parents are the product of this marketing cycle themselves. They grew up on Happy Meals & when your ┬ákid starts begging for them it’s easy to give in. Banning the marketing of these meals to children, or making it harder to market to them, could stop the cycle from repeating.

Read more about the ban at SF Weekly

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